4.60 Ct Bluish Gray Star Sapphire

4.60 Ct Bluish Gray Star Sapphire

Please view YouTube video footage on High Definition mode to understand the quality & color of the gemstone.

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Data sheet

Gemstone SKU
Gemstone Carat
4.60 Ct
Gemstone Shape
Gemstone Treatment
Gemstone Transparency
Gemstone Origin
Sri Lankan (Ceylon)
Gemstone Certificate
National Gem & Jewellery Authority (NGJA)
Gemstone Color
Bluish Gray

Star rubies and star sapphires belong to the phenomenal corundum category. The star effect is called asterism. It’s caused by reflections from tiny, needle-like inclusions that are oriented in several specific directions. Stars are usually made up of 2, 3, or 6 intersecting bands, resulting in 4, 6, or 12 rays.

The finest star is distinct, centered on the top of the stone, and visible from a reasonable distance. The stars quality should be the same when viewed from all directions.

The rays should be uniform in strength, reach from one side to the other, and intersect at the top of the stone. They should be straight, not fuzzy, wavy, or broken, and they should contrast strongly against the background color. The star should also have an elegant “movement.” This means that, as you rock the stone, the star should move smoothly across the surface with no dead spots.  

The best and most expensive star corundum is semi-transparent, with just enough silk to create a well-defined star. Too much silk can harm transparency and also lead to poor color, lowering the value of the stone considerably.

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