Oval 12 Ct + Unheated Ceylon Padparadscha Sapphire

Oval 12 Ct + Unheated Ceylon Padparadscha Sapphire

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Padparadscha is by far the world's rarest sapphire. They have become a collector’s stone and are generally purchased as quickly as they are found. Padparadscha's are sold at a price close to that of a fine blue sapphire and it is not unheard of finding them priced at several thousand dollars per carat

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Gemstone SKU
Gemstone Carat
12 Ct +
Gemstone Shape
Oval Mix
Gemstone Treatment
Gemstone Origin
Sri Lanka
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What exactly, qualifies as a true padparadscha? Gemologist Robert Crowningshield tackled the subject in his still-relevant Spring 1983 article for Gems & Gemology. Finding that “the term padparadscha was applied initially to fancy sapphires of a range of colors in stones” from Sri Lanka, he urged the gem community to limit its use, suggesting that light to medium tones of pinkish-orange to orange-pink hues would qualify, whereas dark or medium brownish orange corundum wouldn’t. The trade hasn’t always respected his words, dubiously marketing some brown-tinged Tanzanian, Madagascar stones using the coveted “padparadscha” label, but among connoisseurs, the look of a true padparadscha — imagine a vodka cocktail splashed with equal parts grapefruit and cranberry juice — is unmistakable


For over 100 years, reference has been made to a unique sapphire, the color of a lotus blossom, the. Yet the precise hue represented by this rare stone has been a subject of discussion, and often controversy, ever since the term was first introduced. International Certificates SSEF, GIA, GRS Guaranteed For This Beautiful Padparadscha Sapphire. 

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